Company review- Mystery Guest

       I am thrilled to be writing a positive review for Mystery Guest as they have had some of my favorite shops! I was waiting to get my payments from them to see how long it took them to pay before I wrote my review as I had heard some comments about them not paying very fast. I got my payments in a very timely manner, however, so I have no complaints. The shops are varied and though I do not see shops posted often, I really, really enjoy the shops that they do post. The shop instructions are clear and simple as are the evaluation forms. In my experience, they have not required a lot of detailed narrative and they do not seem to have overly picky editors as long as you follow their instructions and give the information they ask of you. The schedulers have also been great. I had one instance arise where I could not complete a shop on my scheduled date. I called and spoke with a scheduler who easily allowed me to choose a different shop date, no problem. This may be my new favorite company. I'm looking forward to my upcoming shops with them!

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