Company review- Market Force Information

     One thing I really appreciate about Market Force is that they constantly post new jobs. It is a site that I check at least a couple of times throughout the day if I am able. They have a variety of jobs in my area and the evaluation forms have been simple and straightforward in my experience. This company does not give any feedback on jobs as far as I have been able to tell. This company will offer bonuses for jobs that stay vacant long enough. I also see the many of the same shops pop up for multiple dates in a month so this company has plenty from which to choose. They have been great about paying when they say they will and I have had no complaints with this company. I plan to continue to shop for them.


  1. The website indicates that a SSN is required. I just wanted to make sure that you didn't have any problems after submitting your SSN to this company.

  2. I have had no trouble with this company whatsoever. Most companies require SSN for tax reporting reasons. Market Force pays well and on time, in my opinion.