Company review- Focus on Service

Focus on Service is a company that shops a few casual dining restaurants. From what I can tell, they have a limited number of clients but the company is a great one with which to work. One thing I appreciate about this company is they actually have a scheduler call the shopper before the shop to quickly go over the shop and see if there are any questions. This is the only company I've ever had do this. They also send out multiple email reminders about the shop to make sure the shopper isn't going to forget.  The evaluation form is straightforward and relatively simple. I received my reimbursement check from this company in less than 30 days. To obtain shops with this company, you sign up on their website and they'll email you when they have shop in your area. With this company, you are going to want to be selective about which shops you accept because (at least with the client I shopped) you are only allowed 2 shops per household per year. This is a company I had a great experience with and highly recommend.