Company review- Corporate Research International

I have done several shops for CRI. The positives about this company are:1) Their fast and punctual payment schedule, 2) The ability the shopper has to self-assign all shops, 3) The variety of shops, 4) Straightforward feedback forms.
Probably the biggest negative about this company is the fairly low pay. The interesting thing about CRI is that the shop payments rise throughout the month. So, if you see a shop listed for a very low-paying amount, if you wait it out, you will likely see the pay rise at least a few dollars. In my experience, CRI does the same shops regularly (I see several of the same shop pop up monthly) so if you miss out once, you are likely to see it again later.
When you sign up for this company, you must watch a video and take a quiz to become an auditor. You must also watch videos and pass quizzes for each client you choose to do shops for. That may seem annoying at first but after that you are able to self-assign shops instead of applying and waiting to hear if you receive the shop or not.
CRI gives you feedback on your reports through a rating system. As long as you keep the minimum rating you can self-assign shops. If you have an even higher rating you can accept more shops at one time.
In my experience CRI does NOT email you about specific shop availability, though they do email about commission rises in your area (for shops that may or may not still be available), and occasionally will email about a client that has shops available (though they may not be in your area). So, you need to login frequently to see what shops are available.
Overall, taken into consideration the points I've posted above, I think this is a good company and plan to stick with them.

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