Company Review- Tell Us About Us

I have done many shops for Tell Us About Us and have had wonderful experiences all the way around. To shop for them, you take a quiz specific to the client to be shopped and then you either self-assign or apply for the shop,  depending on the client. They give fast feedback and pay quickly. The shops are very straightforward and the forms are simple. They don't have a large variety of clients but the ones that they do have are very fun shops, in my opinion. The shops I have done are mostly reimbursement but because of who the clients are, I personally think it is worth it. I have also contacted the schedulers and gotten prompt and helpful responses.


  1. How long does it take until they accept you? Did you get a login number? I applied with them, but still have not received anything more than a confirmation email.

    I appreciate all that you've posted; each post has been a helpful resource! I have shopped for GFK before, but haven't shopped for anyone else. I'm tickled to see all of the earning potential, especially as a SAHM to my 3 little people!

  2. Julie, They use the SASSIE system so you should have been able to create your login when you submitted your application. Your sign in name should be your email and whatever password you chose. I'm pretty sure they're acceptance is very fast. I'm so glad you are finding my posts helpful! Good luck!